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Kamjah Coaching works for women and men like you, of all ages who want to live more meaningful and fulfilling lives. Typically our clients are open minded, see themselves as individuals, and tend to be holistically aware.

Which one sounds most familiar..?

You've invested in self-improvement and personal growth in the past, but you still feel stuck.  

You've read self-help books, attended seminars, maybe even explored therapy, yet there's still something holding you back from creating something new for yourself.

You're successful in your career, and have it all together on the surface in many areas of your life, but for some reason, these certain area's (you know the one's) still elude you. 

You want to get clear about what you want, and create the life of your dreams, but you're not sure how to move beyond the fears, doubts, and other challenges that are currently holding you back.

You would love to make the changes you know you need to make, but the idea of actually doing it sounds like way too much work or in some cases impossible.

If you're ready to learn what really works and what doesn't, so you can
stop feeling frustrated, and make the most of your time and energy,
then choose the Kamjah Coaching program that feels right for you.

Kamjah Coaching clients include women and men who:

Want to balance and streamline their hectic lives
Want to learn how to marketing their business efficiently
Are transitioning from one life stage to another
Are seeking guidance, motivation and support
Are striving to get back into the job market or move into a new career
Are looking for fulfilling, committed new relationships and/or to strengthen   existing ones
Are dedicated to strengthening their marriages or life partnerships
Want to become more congruent and better communicators
Are searching for a new life purpose
Are business owners or entrepreneurs who want to grow to their full potential

Clients also include:

Small businesses

My clients are people just like you..

If you are interested in coaching and working with me then you're going to have to be committed and open to the following:

1. The process and be ready to consciously, deliberately, and intentionally take the actions necessary to follow through on the steps toward achieving your outcome. 

2. Tapping into your innate wisdom, passion, and spirituality to define and manifest what it is we are working toward.

3. Your personal growth and increasing your self-awareness. 

Hallu Forte
Hallux is no longer a problem!

4. New insights and breakthroughs, and willing to clear out any old limiting beliefs that may come up during the coaching process.  

5. Taking responsibility for yourself and your life. 

6. Understanding that we each create our own reality, and you want to learn how to create yours more consciously and deliberately. 

7. Learning

8. Viewing the challenges in life as opportunities for growth. 

9. Finding new ways to create strategies, and inspire actions to get the results you desire.

10. Creating your life and outcomes with direction, intention, and integrity.

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Geoffrey Schmidt
Master Certified NLP Life Coach

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