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Geoffrey Schmidt
Master Certified NLP Life Coach & Business Coach
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life coaching
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Get a happier, more fulfilling
  • Are you afraid you might be settling for what you can get, instead of what you deserve?

  • Are you feeling out of balance, like something is missing or misaligned?

  • Are you feeling stuck, controlled by your emotions, frustrated, misunderstood, or dispirited?

Life Coaching with Geoffrey Schmidt can help you…

• Learn how to attain real balance in your life

• Learn how to identify what truly works for you and stop settling for   less

• Learn how to take control of your emotions and stop them from controlling you

• Learn how to get unstuck and stay that way once and for all

• Learn how to connect to your purpose so you're living the life you were meant to

Call (305) 851-2459 today to schedule your FREE, 19-minute "Get Answers Now / Get Clear Now" Life Coaching Exploration Session to discover if life coaching is right for you.

In only 19 short minutes you'll be on your way toward the answers you seek and the clarity you desire. These could be the most important 19 minutes of your life. Why not call right now to find out what's possible and to experience what hundreds have already benefited from before you.

life coaching
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"I've experienced many new and exciting things during the course of my journey with Geoffrey and I am feeling more purposeful, powerful, connected and alive than I ever have in my life. Geoffrey has been able to help me attain clarity…he has a coaching tool box filled to the brim with useful, innovative techniques AND the vision to transform people's lives.."
- K. Trapp // Entrepreneur & Song Writer //
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Call (305) 851-2459 for in person life coaching, relationship coaching, business and marketing coaching
and career coaching in Miami, Delray Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando
and Los Angeles, California with Master Certified NLP Life Coach Geoffrey Schmidt

International? Outside of Florida or California? PHONE BASED COACHING IS AVAILABLE TOO

100% Satisfaction Coaching Guarantee
"I stand by my certified coaching programs and services 100%, and I want you to be fully satisfied. If for any reason, you are not completely happy with the value you receive after your first full coaching session, I will personally give you a 100% refund."
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