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Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is the art and science of modeling and creating human excellence.

Simply explained, it is an efficient tool for making improvements to any part of your life regardless of whom you are or where you come from - and it's so easy because NLP works on the unconscious level so the changes happen quickly and effortlessly.

In addition to coaching, Geoffrey Schmidt has studied to become a Master Certified in the field of NLP. Combining NLP with coaching gives a holistic approach that is tailored to an individuals needs, allowing them to make effortless transformation in their lives.

You have a problem with erection? Not only you!

Using a positive forward focus, well formed outcomes, powerful visualisations and a direct knowledge of how fantastic it feels to be well again, Geoffrey works to support and encourage his clients on their journey toward fufillment and happiness!

Please enjoy a couple videos from the founders of NLP Richard Bandler and John Grinder, further explaining this powerful system for change!


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Geoffrey Schmidt
Master Certified NLP Life Coach

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