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Geoffreys unique approach to coaching pulls wisdom from both eastern and western philosophies. I've experienced many new and exciting things during the course of my journey with him and I am feeling more purposeful, powerful, connected and alive than I ever have in my life. Geoffrey has been able to help me attain clarity, even during moments of resistance.

He is not only well-read and talented, but truly passionate about his work, which is to say he has a coaching tool box filled to the brim with useful, innovative techniques AND the vision to transform people's lives. Meeting and working with Geoffrey has been a remarkable experience.

With gratitude, I highly recommend his services to anyone who is feeling less than glorious about their lives.

K. Trapp, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

- Professional Singer, Songwriter and Entrepreneur

I contacted Geoffrey for the purpose of advancing my career. I looked into a few other services before I decided to go with his and that was the best decision I could have made. What caught my attention was that Geoffrey uses NLP techniques. I was familiar with NLP before working with Geoffrey and seeing that he was a master practitioner, I felt confident in using his services. Not only was I able to make the advancements in my career I wanted, but also throughout other areas of my life. From the beginning, we worked together by setting goals for myself and then it was I who was responsible for seeing them through. Geoffrey was there to help guide me through my process as I evolved into a person with a greater understanding of who I am as well as empowering myself to conquer what goes on in my life on a daily basis. I am confident I will be able to use the positive aspects I have gained from working with Geoffrey for the rest of my life.

The greatest aspect about working with Geoffrey is one can tell that he truly cares about assisting the people who use his services. To find someone like that is an absolute blessing. Geoffrey has passion for his work and he showed that as we worked together. I will definitely recommend Geoffreys services in the future to my colleagues and those I feel could benefit from his coaching.

M. Goodman - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Thank you so much for your presentation last week at our Rotary Club breakfast meeting. All the members were very positive and complimentary about the presentation. They each took something of value to them that they can apply to their everyday life. Our members are seasoned professionals and business people, but they certainly were able to learn something new from your coaching skills.

Thank you again and we certainly hope that you can return again soon. Maybe you will have some time in the summer months.

N. Butner, West Palm Beach, Florida

Certified Public Accountant // Rotary Club President

Geoffrey Schmidt helped us to get back to clarity from what felt like chaos. Using NLP techniques and a proven background in how to grow a successful business, Geoffrey helped us to regain the focus, desire and direction to enable us to embark upon the next leg of our business growth journey.


P & J. Ashton - Boca Raton, Florida
Entrepreneurs / Business Owners

I recently had the occasion to use Geoffrey as a personal coach to help define my objectives as an executive in transistion . Geoffrey was charismatic, creative, empathetic and truly honest. He had the ability to look at my personal situation and help me define where I want to go with the balance of my working career.

Geoffrey was passionate and attentive to my needs and had the ability to help me with my thought process. I would not hesitate to recommend Geoffrey to any of my business colleagues or clients who are in need of his services. He is a kepper. I think Geoffrey will be around a long time in the coaching profession.

M. Young, Miami Beach, Florida
Executive Search Consultant

Geoffrey really helped me with fixing important things to me. This guy is not only a coach but a very cool guy. I learned a lot from our sessions and thank him for the knowledge. He is a truly motivated coach with a lot of experience to share.

A. Sawhney - Manchester, United Kingdom
Internet Entrepreneur

Geoffrey conducted a fantastic workshop. He has great enthusiasm for and skill in NLP , and he loves helping people. I will be attending more of his workshops in the future! --Lynne Hampton.

Lynne Hampton - Royal Palm Beach, Florida
Life Coach

Geoffrey: I wanted to let you know, your words helped me cope through a night of 101 opinions! Haha...

And you're absolutely right about confiding only in family & friends who LISTEN! I'm actually doing much, much better than I thought I would today! :)

I think at this point I was more mourning the loss of all the sentiments accumulated over the past 10 years....

It's definitely a whirlwind of things and it's been quite the process, but I've made it this far!

So again, I just wanted to thank you for making one of my most difficult & life changing decisions that much easier!

The exercise you had me do was extremely helpful & I can honestly say, I feel 110% calm & confident in my decision!!!

D. Drolet - West Palm Beach, Florida

I found the workshop to be informative and enjoyable. I have already started on my mission to recapture the energy and fun activities that I enjoyed in the past. I will continue to learn and grow with your help and the help of the rest of the group. Thank you for sharing your special knowledge! Thanks Again.

G. Frank - Boca Raton, Florida


Geoffrey is a wonderful coach. I called him at the last minute with a request for help regarding compensation at my job. He helped me focus on what I wanted and (how) to negotiate my way to shiny new raise. Women in the work force so often make less than they are worth, considering we still earn only 69% of what men earn. Geoffrey helped me conquer that unfortunate statistic. Thank you.

A. Castoro - Stuart, Florida

From the very first time I saw his website I knew he was the guy who could help me focus on achieving what I wanted. Every time I had questions he had answers and best of all he was prompt, professional and easy to talk to. He knows his stuff and knows how to handle just about any situation. He stands behind his service and because of that I would wholeheartedly recommend him to my friends and family! Thanks Again.

P. Georgantes - Concord, California
Real Estate Professional / Entrepreneur

Geoffrey models a confident and supportive spirit in guiding you toward assertive communication, the most important skill in human relations.

M. Silver - Boca Raton, Florida

Hi Geoffrey - I want to thank you for taking so much of your time yesterday to answer all of my questions. I have to say I was a little apprehensive about calling - I was fully expecting an egotistical know it all to be on the line, who was not really interested in "helping"(me). I was really pleasantly surprised. You were incredibly knowledgeable - You did not let me feel like any one of the many questions I had were stupid questions - I think your passion really shows - but even more impressive than that is your passion to share with others - your enthusiasm came right through the phone and has made me so excited. Owning a business in the service industry, I know it's nice to get positive feedback so I took a second to jot you this e-mail. I am looking very forward to my first session tomorrow. Thanks!

R. Gray - Palm Beach, Florida
Hair Salon Owner

I have been meaning to tell you that my friends (who are extremely supportive of my life coaching sessions) and I have noticed that I get really down on Thursdays after our sessions. I realized it is because I am finally looking at myself in an honest way and the outpour of emotion really depletes me. i usually don't accomplish much on Thursdays. But my point being is that I have been growing and that our sessions really help. Today's session was really groundbreaking for me, and I just wanted you to know that and say thank you.


T. Ghantous - Los Angeles, California
Fashion Designer

Geoffrey - It's been a pleasure working with you. I have experienced an increase in the quality of my life as well as in the bottom line of my business. I will surely recommend your services to anyone I feel that can benefit. Good luck and god bless.

M. Wassermann - Miami, Florida
Internet Entrepreneur

Thanks Geoffrey, I really learned a lot from the session today. You answered all my questions very completely and gave me a lot of tools thatI can go out and use. Thanks again.

V. Sethi - Duluth, Georgia
Computer Engineer

Geoffs professionalism and holistic approach to life and business coaching has been enlightening to work with. Geoffrey has seamlessly aided me with my business development and has supported my ideas and helped me grow personally and expanded my horizons. His business coaching is priceless and worth every penny! It pays to work with Geoffrey.

M. Marquez - Miami Beach, Florida
Drama Therapist and Yoga Instructor

If you feel you're not getting the most out of your life then at one of Geoffreys workshops is where you want to be. You owe it to yourself to check out what Geoffrey is offering.

R. Figley - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Thank you, thank u! I feel great! lol! I'm expressing myself "kinesthetically"! Really it did! I feel more centered & goal oriented in approaching my tasks "just for today"...the present ;) oh & lol! kamjah, you commented that we ought not be surprised if we dreamed w/ content discussed @ meet up...LOL! I totally did!~ Thanks, and have a great day! Yaayyyyy! blessings,

M. Pina - Boca Raton, Florida
Busy Mom

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"Geoffrey models a confident and supportive spirit in guiding you toward assertive communication, the most important skill ..."

Mark Silver
Boca Raton, FL

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